March, Memories and our Microsite

Blog entry by Nancy Mugele – Head of School at Kent School

Seems like just a moment ago that we gathered in Atlanta for the NAIS Institute for New Heads. Many of us newly moved to unknown cities and relatively unknown school communities. 75 of us learned together, ate together, bowled together, and got overwhelmed together this past July. We left INH with the knowledge that we had forged lasting connections. We were excited, fulfilled, and ready to lead. 

Today, Room 307 at the NAIS AC at the Baltimore Convention Center was loud with the excitement of friends catching up, sharing successes and surprises, and breaking bread together, again. Laughingly, we said all of our instructors looked so youthful while we all looked a little weary. But, hey, it is already March and spring break is right around the corner.

We shared memories of our time together this summer reminding ourselves to be careful or “we may be the fur ball that gets coughed up.” (You had to be there.) We made fun of the microsite this summer yet now it seems to be our lifeline. We rely on its presence in our inbox to remind us of colleagues near and far who are experiencing the same things we are, and whose non-judgmental advice is needed and appreciated.

To my INH cohort – you inspire me. To our INH faculty – we are deeply grateful for your investment in us. Congrats to all of the new heads. We are all still standing!